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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh My!

Bad day! I was shocked when I learned from the news that 75 people were dead and missing due to typhoon “Ondoy” that struck the Philippines last Saturday, September 26. It was a good thing on my part that I was in Cavite when the typhoon was passing over Central and Southern Luzon. Actually I was a bit worried earlier that morning because I was waiting for my girlfriend in Baclaran for we would spend our weekend in Cavite. I thought that we might be stranded in Baclaran because the lash of the wind and the rainfall were getting stronger. Thank God because she arrived at 10:20 AM and we left Baclaran at 10:30.

After the storm, I immediately turned the TV on, I switched to ABS-CBN news coverage and they showed the severely affected areas. I felt numb with grief when I saw the bodies that were rescued by Philippine Army and other rescue teams. Even rich people residing in exclusive subdivisions were also affected, no food, no water to drink (reminded me of the rime of the ancient mariner " Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink"), no nothing! Then I realized that either old or young, rich or poor, truly could not escape the act of nature. That's one of the ways how we can see God's power.