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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The death of press secretary Serge Remonde

I felt sad when I read about the sudden death of Press Secretary Serge Remonde. I just found the breaking news when I was browsing on Yahoo homepage yesterday, less than 1 hour after his death. I was shocked because I used to see him on the evening news delivering speeches, answering questions, etc., and now, he is dead. He was just interviewed by Vic de Leon Lima and Karen Davila two weeks ago. Vic Lima commented that the press secretary was very 'cool' in answering questions about the failures and alleged issues concerning the current administration.
I am sure many people especially the anti-administration used to get mad at Serge Remonde but I think he just did his job to defend the president. His sudden death brought sorrow to his family, friends, relatives, subordinates, many politicians and many Filipinos who loved him. I don't know him personally but I am sure that he was a good person because he served the nation to his grave.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Press Secretary Serge Remonde Dies

Malacanang Press Secretary Serge Remonde found unconcious inside the bathroom. Doctors at the Makati Medical Center declared him dead at 11:51 a.m.. He suffered from a major heart attack  this Tuesday morning.  The press secretary reportedly had intestinal flu last week.
I am expressing my condolences to the family of the late press secretary.