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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Sister is Vain

My sister likes to buy beauty cosmetics every time she goes to the mall. She really allots budget to buy those cosmetics. Among the products that she buys are perfumes, whitening soaps and lotions. She gives my mother some of the products that she buys. My sister works hard to earn money that’s why my mother just let her buy whatever she wants to buy. Last year I gave her a set of different soaps as a gift for her birthday. Also, I noticed that she likes body lotions. She already has three bottles of lotions of different flavours like avocado, papaya and cucumber. On her birthday, I will give her l`occitane cherry blossom as an additional to her collection. She mentioned me before that she wants to have ten bottles of lotions with different smell and flavour. I am pretty sure that she will be happy because collecting lotions is her passion.          

Friday, July 15, 2011

Teaching My Younger Cousins

I teach my younger cousins in doing their homework when I have free time. Some of them are in elementary and some are in high school. They often complain when their teachers give them too many projects; they say that they don’t have enough time to watch TV or play computer games anymore. I just tell them that I was like them before, everybody who studies in school experience the same when it comes to dealing with school projects. To minimize their burden, I recommended them to get online and search for a website that can give them Project Ideas and Project Samples. I did this before when I was in college and it was absolutely effective. Instead of doing my projects in two days (Saturday and Sunday), I did them for only one day so I have more free time to rest hahaha. I could watch movies, ride on my bicycle, play computer games and chat with my cousins.  Whoa what a relief.  

Concert Video Clips

Singing is my passion so I always sing at home if I have time. I also love watching concerts either online or live. I like listening to the singers with their actual singing voices rather than a recorded one. Well, just to watch concert whenever I’d want to, I download them and put in a folder on the desktop of my computer. So far I have concerts of Elton John, Westlife, Boyzone, The Beatles, The Beegees, and many Filipino singers. I connect my loudspeaker to my laptop just to listen to my concert files. My parents also enjoy most of the concerts. However, one time I had a problem accessing my concert files because they were corrupted. I didn’t remember anything I did to the files but they were really not working; it was so disappointing! Until I remember what my friend did when his files got corrupted, he did a dll download the dll4free application. Wow just after a few I can access the files again and enjoy the concert.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Pre-Employment Requirement

I was hired to my new job as a technical writer last February. I felt extremely happy because after one whole year of job finding to make a career shift, finally I got this job. One of the prerequisites for a new employment is medical exam. I had my medical exam in a medium-sized clinic here in Makati. I can say that the technicians there are excellent because of the better treatment that I experienced. There, I had x-ray, urinalysis, fecalysis, physical exam and Complete Blood Count. I am afraid of blood (hemophobic), even on my own so the technician there gently told me not to be like that. Getting a small amount of my blood through syringe is just like an antbite. Meanwhile, the technician (a middle-aged lady) in x-ray room was very humorous and friendly. I really had funtime with them when I  had my medical exam, they are wonderful people. Because of that, I thought of studying in a school like phlebotomy schools california where you can get phlebotomy certification california. Because of the great treatment that I experienced in that clinic, I will recommend it to my friends and relatives.      

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guiding Light

We all experience trials in life and it depends on us how we deal with it. When we have problems, we always pray to God to minimize our burden. However, some people neglect God; they don’t see god as the solution to their problem. That is an attitude that we have to avoid. God is the only solution to our problems. He (God) only helps and guides people who help us like our parents, relatives and friends. Also, life coaches like life coach Santa Barbara are there to help. We can access the online or offline; they are people that we can rely on if we have problems. They are instruments of God.  

Azkals All Set vs. Sri Lanka

The Philippine Azkals are ready for the second leg of the game between Sri Lanka Brave Reds for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. They are positive that the hometown advantage will give them the needed boost to get Sri Lanka which gave them to a 1-1 draw last Wednesday. 

Sri Lanka’s South Korean coach, Jang Jung said that his team’s morale is high and they are ready. Let’s just see what happens when they play.