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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Choosing Mr. And Ms. Right

Some men really choose their future girlfriend by means of dating. For them, dating is a way for men and women to scrutinize investigate and then choose the right person for each other. Through dating, you will know the person better and if you are really hooked to him/her, that’s the time that you are ready for a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. 

Many people who prefer free online dating because it’s more convenient for them, plus they can spend more time in knowing Each other. There are free online dating sites perfect to people who don’t have enough money to go on a date.For me it's better to know each other online before meeting face to face.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Searching for a Job

It’s really hard to look for a job nowadays especially now that we have economic problems. When I was searching for a job way back 2004, I preferred walk in application. There’s an export processing zone near our town and I used to go there almost everyday. Later on I’ve discovered that checking classified listings is more productive. Either with newspaper or online, you can send your resume to as many companies as you want. For me, I prefer online application more than examining newspaper ads. I already have my resume ready on my desktop and wola! Send it in just a click of a mouse. 

These days, more and more companies prefer to post their job openings online for many people can access computer and internet now. Many companies as well as small time businessmen choose post free ads because they are not charged for any amount. Advertising eats a lot of money when you start your own business and having a free advertising site is a great way to start your business (and the best way for companies to save money) without hurting your pocket.     

Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Are Some People Afraid of the Dentists?

Almost 80% of adult Americans are afraid of the dentist. This fear prevents them from obtaining the regular dental care necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. When a dentist knows you fear or phobia, steps can be taken to help remove the stress and anxiety with dental treatment.  But why do some people afraid of the dentist? The University Of Washington Categories Of Dental Fear listed 4 categories of dental fear.

·         Fear of specific stimuli
·         Distrust of dental personnel
·         Generalized anxiety
·         Fear of catastrophy

With Dentist Olympia, your fears and worries will be gone. The Cosmetic Dentists there are friendly, accommodating and kind. They will treat you as their friend or relative so you will feel at-home. A relative of mine recommended me their service and I bet that you will have an excellent dental experience. You would love to go to the dentist regularly when you visit them once. 


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Precious Gift

I am fond of elegant and prestigious things such as figurines, pendants, miniature things and many more. I like giving those things (if I can just afford it LOL) to my loved ones to make them happy. Giving precious things to our loved ones is a way of showing how much we love them. Last year, I bought my sister and girlfriend bracelets made out of beads. Of course they were so happy with that gift (knowing girls, they love accessories. 

 Last month as I was browsing the web, I found out some things about egg Faberge. I was amazed when I found out that egg Faberge is not only a decoration of house ornament per se but a historic thing came from a Russian family. And became more amazed when I saw many kinds of egg Faberge and to my amazement, I wanted to by one. However, I got dizzy when I learned that the prize of it is around $18 million whew! Good thing there are egg Faberge that are really manufactured for sale and I will buy faberge from the vendor that I saw on the web.     

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Fabulous Giveaways

My sister’s 25th birthday will be on January 20. It’s far though, but we have to prepare starting this month because 25th year in this Earth is an important year to celebrate; it is a silver year. Yes, and it has been a tradition in this country to celebrate 25th year grandly. We celebrate our 25th (silver) birthday only once so we have to give our best to celebrate our birthday. The popular birthday foods here are spaghetti, cake, ice cream and pansit. Of course, the most special of all foods is lechon (roasted pork). Whew! I think we have to save money now so that we can afford to buy the necessary things on her birthday. Of course, when you host a birthday party, you have to distribute giveaways to the visitors. We think of giving egg faberge as giveaway item on her birthday. Also, my sister thinks of Hello Kitty and pink motif because she loves pink and Hello Kitty.         

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christmas Trade Fair

We have the longest Christmas season in the Philippines; it starts from September up to the first week of January (Three Kings). Gift giving and exchange gifts have been a tradition in our country during Christmas day. During this season there are also may trade fairs where we can buy different kinds of items such as clothes, gadgets, kitchen and house utensils, house ornaments, electrical things and many more. We can see trade fairs in many parts of the country especially in Metro Manila. Night markets also sprout for the nocturnal people and last minute shoppers (in Christmas Eve). Last year, my sister went to night market to shop for Christmas gifts but she said that it’s more expensive. I prefer to shop during the day haha!    

Last year I went to the trade fair in the day and there, I saw faberge egg for sale. That time, I was not aware that Faberge eggs are prestigious things that are fun to keep. I hope this year will have Faberge eggs again haha!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giving Necklace to my Mom

When it comes to presents, I prefer giving necklaces. I choose to give necklace because that thing can last for a lifetime. The fact that the person whom you give the necklace likes it, it means that he/she may remember you as long as he/wears that necklace. I don’t say that bracelets and rings are not precious and beautiful ones. I just like necklaces because we can change their pendants. There are different kinds of pendants available in the market and the most common one is the cross. Several known pendants are diamonds, opal, sapphire, clock, pearl and emerald. Among the pendants that I have seen in the market and mall, I like faberge pendants the most. You can see the elegance of the necklace if you use Faberge pendants. Not only the necklace but the woman who wears the necklace can feel being elegant. Well, I will surely buy my mom a necklace with faberge pendants on her birthday. I’m sure she will be happy with that.