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Monday, August 22, 2011

Having a Car is Cool

I wanted to have a car. Used one or new one is fine with me as long as it is easy to use. I have to start saving money now to buy a car in five years; it is my target timeframe. I’m not getting any younger and now is the time for me to enjoy life to its peak. In the next five years, I will I will have my own family and rising up kids is something that we have to focus on. Today, my two most important goals are to have my own house and a car. Based on my survey, we can find a car that is cheaper than house so why not buy one? When it comes to brand, I prefer Mitsubishi Evo. Mitsubishi is known to its strength, reliability and competitiveness. It is a Japanese brand and we know that Japan is popular for manufacturing vehicles and gadgets with high quality. Wohoo! I’m excited to have a car!    

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Second Semester is Coming

The second semester for this school year is coming and since I am a graduate student, I have to struggle especially when it comes to paying the tuition fee. Supposed to be this is my last semester in our university because I am now a graduating student. Being a graduating student is not easy because I have so many things to do. I have to do my thesis as a requirement to graduate and some other assignments that I have to complete. This second half of the year would be a burden for me because of that. Well, pray for me guys. Also, paying the tuition fee amount is not easy for me because I have to borrow money from my relatives and friends. But since their pockets are empty now, I have to think of another source of finance. I have thought of applying for a loan since I don’t have bad credit anymore. Acquiring a Loan For Bad Credit isn’t a problem nowadays because there are some financial institutions that grant it. God thing there are institutions like those who have compassion to people. Well guys, I have to make a research prior to the semester so that my work would be minimized when the semester comes.   

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spending Break time In the Pantry

My officemates and I like to spend coffee break in the company pantry. I have eleven friends in our company and coffee break in the pantry is our bonding time. Our pantry is just small; there is a long table and eight chairs inside, kitchen sink, microwave oven, toaster, and water dispenser. We have been in the training together for three months. After the training period, for us not to lose our unity and friendship, we regularly meet in the pantry. For us, that is the nicest place in our big office. When I was about to get water one morning, I noticed that the floor is wet and the sink is clogged. The water was pouring in the sink causing the floor to be slippery. I checked the pipe underneath the sink and I found out that the plumbing was poorly done. My father is a plumber that’s why I have little knowledge with plumbing. When it comes to plumbing services, Plumbing Tacoma is the best. They have very good and skilful Plumbers to serve you once you call. Next time our pantry sink clog, I would recommend plumbing Tacoma to our utility manager for best plumbing experience.   

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting to be Physically Active

I’m not a physically active person but I try to exercise even for short times. I work in an office in Makati City and I sit down the whole day. Sitting down the whole day is not a good practice because many diseases are associated to it; one of them is blood clot. Recently in a report, a boy in the United States died caused by blood clot blocked the veins of his brain; that was because of his bad practice of playing computer games the whole day every day. Physical activity is important to have a healthier life. I’m thinking of going to the gym every weekend and eating a balanced diet. I also think of buying equipment such as treadmill, barbell and needak rebounder. It’s better to have those equipment at home just in case you are not able to go to the gym. I heard from the radio that we have to exercise as early as childhood so that when we get old, we would be stronger.

Last time, I saw needak rebounders in the more and they are affordable. I think I have to save money to buy that first before any other equipment. It’s better to invest for our health because when we get sick, we will suffer with the hospital expenses.    

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Sister as a Mountain Climber

My sister Uching and her boyfriend are mountain climbers. They started exploring each mountain in the Philippines two years ago. Now, they already climbed several mountains. Their next target is Mt. Pulag, the third highest mountain  in the Philippines. Doing that kind of activity doesn’t just keep her physically fit but also mentally healthy. It is important that we have activities that could bring us joy and happiness.   Uching and her boyfriend always plan a mountain climbing activity as long as they have free time. Recently, they have attended awarding ceremony for mountain climbers organized by some proud individuals (they are also mountain climbers). To be a mountain climber is not easy for my sister because she is vain when it comes to her body.

To protect her skin and hair from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, she decided to buy dermalogica day bright. She needs some skin and hair care things to be brought to with her when climbing mountain. It’s nice to see that your skin and hair are totally protected even you do some adventurous activities in the mountains. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011