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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CHACHA is still Arroyo's priority

Malacanang admitted yesterday that charter change is still President Arroyo's priority. Is that certainly the reason why she still wants to run as a congresswoman in Pampanga? Well, let's see. It is obvious that Arroyo still wants to be in power. She can easily do her actions of ammending the 1987 constitution if she will be in the congress. Indeed, she still has strong influence in the lower house. I am convinced that she is really eyeing to be the house speaker so that she can be the prime minister if our country's government form will be changed to parliamentary.

They say that we can achieve progress if the Philippines will shift from presidential to parliamentary system like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc. Well, I strongly disagree, Japan is Japan, Singapore is Singapore but the Philippines is the Philippines. The people sitting in power in those countries have high moral, not corrupt and they know how to handle their countries well. They do not have greed of power unlike many Filipino politicians nowadays. In these times we need to have some people like Nelson Mandela, Cory Aquino, Ronald Reagan, etc. to govern our nation. I don't think that the problem is on the form of government but on the people sitting in power. We have to remove much of them by choosing the right candidates on the coming 2010 national elections.

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