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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Searching for a Job

It’s really hard to look for a job nowadays especially now that we have economic problems. When I was searching for a job way back 2004, I preferred walk in application. There’s an export processing zone near our town and I used to go there almost everyday. Later on I’ve discovered that checking classified listings is more productive. Either with newspaper or online, you can send your resume to as many companies as you want. For me, I prefer online application more than examining newspaper ads. I already have my resume ready on my desktop and wola! Send it in just a click of a mouse. 

These days, more and more companies prefer to post their job openings online for many people can access computer and internet now. Many companies as well as small time businessmen choose post free ads because they are not charged for any amount. Advertising eats a lot of money when you start your own business and having a free advertising site is a great way to start your business (and the best way for companies to save money) without hurting your pocket.     

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