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Monday, October 10, 2011

Why Are Some People Afraid of the Dentists?

Almost 80% of adult Americans are afraid of the dentist. This fear prevents them from obtaining the regular dental care necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. When a dentist knows you fear or phobia, steps can be taken to help remove the stress and anxiety with dental treatment.  But why do some people afraid of the dentist? The University Of Washington Categories Of Dental Fear listed 4 categories of dental fear.

·         Fear of specific stimuli
·         Distrust of dental personnel
·         Generalized anxiety
·         Fear of catastrophy

With Dentist Olympia, your fears and worries will be gone. The Cosmetic Dentists there are friendly, accommodating and kind. They will treat you as their friend or relative so you will feel at-home. A relative of mine recommended me their service and I bet that you will have an excellent dental experience. You would love to go to the dentist regularly when you visit them once. 


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