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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Pre-Employment Requirement

I was hired to my new job as a technical writer last February. I felt extremely happy because after one whole year of job finding to make a career shift, finally I got this job. One of the prerequisites for a new employment is medical exam. I had my medical exam in a medium-sized clinic here in Makati. I can say that the technicians there are excellent because of the better treatment that I experienced. There, I had x-ray, urinalysis, fecalysis, physical exam and Complete Blood Count. I am afraid of blood (hemophobic), even on my own so the technician there gently told me not to be like that. Getting a small amount of my blood through syringe is just like an antbite. Meanwhile, the technician (a middle-aged lady) in x-ray room was very humorous and friendly. I really had funtime with them when I  had my medical exam, they are wonderful people. Because of that, I thought of studying in a school like phlebotomy schools california where you can get phlebotomy certification california. Because of the great treatment that I experienced in that clinic, I will recommend it to my friends and relatives.      

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