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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Sister is Vain

My sister likes to buy beauty cosmetics every time she goes to the mall. She really allots budget to buy those cosmetics. Among the products that she buys are perfumes, whitening soaps and lotions. She gives my mother some of the products that she buys. My sister works hard to earn money that’s why my mother just let her buy whatever she wants to buy. Last year I gave her a set of different soaps as a gift for her birthday. Also, I noticed that she likes body lotions. She already has three bottles of lotions of different flavours like avocado, papaya and cucumber. On her birthday, I will give her l`occitane cherry blossom as an additional to her collection. She mentioned me before that she wants to have ten bottles of lotions with different smell and flavour. I am pretty sure that she will be happy because collecting lotions is her passion.          

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