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Friday, July 15, 2011

Concert Video Clips

Singing is my passion so I always sing at home if I have time. I also love watching concerts either online or live. I like listening to the singers with their actual singing voices rather than a recorded one. Well, just to watch concert whenever I’d want to, I download them and put in a folder on the desktop of my computer. So far I have concerts of Elton John, Westlife, Boyzone, The Beatles, The Beegees, and many Filipino singers. I connect my loudspeaker to my laptop just to listen to my concert files. My parents also enjoy most of the concerts. However, one time I had a problem accessing my concert files because they were corrupted. I didn’t remember anything I did to the files but they were really not working; it was so disappointing! Until I remember what my friend did when his files got corrupted, he did a dll download the dll4free application. Wow just after a few I can access the files again and enjoy the concert.

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