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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christmas Trade Fair

We have the longest Christmas season in the Philippines; it starts from September up to the first week of January (Three Kings). Gift giving and exchange gifts have been a tradition in our country during Christmas day. During this season there are also may trade fairs where we can buy different kinds of items such as clothes, gadgets, kitchen and house utensils, house ornaments, electrical things and many more. We can see trade fairs in many parts of the country especially in Metro Manila. Night markets also sprout for the nocturnal people and last minute shoppers (in Christmas Eve). Last year, my sister went to night market to shop for Christmas gifts but she said that it’s more expensive. I prefer to shop during the day haha!    

Last year I went to the trade fair in the day and there, I saw faberge egg for sale. That time, I was not aware that Faberge eggs are prestigious things that are fun to keep. I hope this year will have Faberge eggs again haha!

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