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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giving Necklace to my Mom

When it comes to presents, I prefer giving necklaces. I choose to give necklace because that thing can last for a lifetime. The fact that the person whom you give the necklace likes it, it means that he/she may remember you as long as he/wears that necklace. I don’t say that bracelets and rings are not precious and beautiful ones. I just like necklaces because we can change their pendants. There are different kinds of pendants available in the market and the most common one is the cross. Several known pendants are diamonds, opal, sapphire, clock, pearl and emerald. Among the pendants that I have seen in the market and mall, I like faberge pendants the most. You can see the elegance of the necklace if you use Faberge pendants. Not only the necklace but the woman who wears the necklace can feel being elegant. Well, I will surely buy my mom a necklace with faberge pendants on her birthday. I’m sure she will be happy with that.

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