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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fabulous Giveaways

My sister’s 25th birthday will be on January 20. It’s far though, but we have to prepare starting this month because 25th year in this Earth is an important year to celebrate; it is a silver year. Yes, and it has been a tradition in this country to celebrate 25th year grandly. We celebrate our 25th (silver) birthday only once so we have to give our best to celebrate our birthday. The popular birthday foods here are spaghetti, cake, ice cream and pansit. Of course, the most special of all foods is lechon (roasted pork). Whew! I think we have to save money now so that we can afford to buy the necessary things on her birthday. Of course, when you host a birthday party, you have to distribute giveaways to the visitors. We think of giving egg faberge as giveaway item on her birthday. Also, my sister thinks of Hello Kitty and pink motif because she loves pink and Hello Kitty.         

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