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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting to be Physically Active

I’m not a physically active person but I try to exercise even for short times. I work in an office in Makati City and I sit down the whole day. Sitting down the whole day is not a good practice because many diseases are associated to it; one of them is blood clot. Recently in a report, a boy in the United States died caused by blood clot blocked the veins of his brain; that was because of his bad practice of playing computer games the whole day every day. Physical activity is important to have a healthier life. I’m thinking of going to the gym every weekend and eating a balanced diet. I also think of buying equipment such as treadmill, barbell and needak rebounder. It’s better to have those equipment at home just in case you are not able to go to the gym. I heard from the radio that we have to exercise as early as childhood so that when we get old, we would be stronger.

Last time, I saw needak rebounders in the more and they are affordable. I think I have to save money to buy that first before any other equipment. It’s better to invest for our health because when we get sick, we will suffer with the hospital expenses.    

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