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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Sister as a Mountain Climber

My sister Uching and her boyfriend are mountain climbers. They started exploring each mountain in the Philippines two years ago. Now, they already climbed several mountains. Their next target is Mt. Pulag, the third highest mountain  in the Philippines. Doing that kind of activity doesn’t just keep her physically fit but also mentally healthy. It is important that we have activities that could bring us joy and happiness.   Uching and her boyfriend always plan a mountain climbing activity as long as they have free time. Recently, they have attended awarding ceremony for mountain climbers organized by some proud individuals (they are also mountain climbers). To be a mountain climber is not easy for my sister because she is vain when it comes to her body.

To protect her skin and hair from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, she decided to buy dermalogica day bright. She needs some skin and hair care things to be brought to with her when climbing mountain. It’s nice to see that your skin and hair are totally protected even you do some adventurous activities in the mountains. 

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