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Monday, August 22, 2011

Having a Car is Cool

I wanted to have a car. Used one or new one is fine with me as long as it is easy to use. I have to start saving money now to buy a car in five years; it is my target timeframe. I’m not getting any younger and now is the time for me to enjoy life to its peak. In the next five years, I will I will have my own family and rising up kids is something that we have to focus on. Today, my two most important goals are to have my own house and a car. Based on my survey, we can find a car that is cheaper than house so why not buy one? When it comes to brand, I prefer Mitsubishi Evo. Mitsubishi is known to its strength, reliability and competitiveness. It is a Japanese brand and we know that Japan is popular for manufacturing vehicles and gadgets with high quality. Wohoo! I’m excited to have a car!    

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