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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How I Suffered From Fever

I was so sickly when I was young. I used to have fever and flue almost every year. It resulted many days of absences and poor grades in school. Because of that, my doctor advised me to do the necessary things to boost my immune system. Our immune system is the first line of defence against germs, bacteria and viruses that may seem to harm our body. Since my doctor advised that, I never got sick anymore. I believe in natural healing so I don’t take medicine often if I don’t feel well. I just let my immune system do its part to heal my illness. If it is really needed to take medicine, that’s the time I do that. In homeopathy Santa Fe, they teach how to boost our immune system to fight even sever diseases like cancer, hepatitis, AIDS and many more. It’s always important to be healthy.      

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