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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Old Bicycle

A velocipede in 1868

I am fond of viewing old things on the internet until one time; I opened a website about old bicycles. I felt fascinated about the old bicycles and thought of buying one, but of course those models are not available in the market anymore (hope I was born one hundred years ago). I use my father’s bicycle but I want to have my own. I usually roam around our town and after that, my father’s bicycle gets dirty (with muds on the wheels) and he gets angry then. I wish I can buy like those bicycles in bike shop Temecula this year. I guess I need to save more money this payday.

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  1. alam ako hindi ako marunong magbike til now haha nagkaphobia kc ako jan nung muntik na akong maaksidente nung bata ako haha